Learn from David Baazov’s decade of experience to be a better entrepreneur and crypto investor.

Get 10+ years of experience in just 1 hour with David Baazov

David Baazov: Our CEO experienced years of success and failure as an entrepreneur, and he wants to help you get there faster.

Wading through the different aspects of investing in crypto and blockchain can be a daunting task.

David Baazov will show you the latest strategies for investing, putting your money to work and securing your portfolio.

With years of experience, David will show you the ins-and-outs of investing, as well as what we need to do going forward!

About David Baazov

David Baazov has spent the last decade in entrepreneurship, investing and advising firms on some of the most cutting-edge technologies and markets.

He is an adviser to some of the most innovative blockchain companies in the world such as tZERO and Orbs. He is also a mentor for various organizations such as 500Startups, Plug&Play, Fintech Association and more.

David Baazov was named among top 10 Canadian entrepreneurs to watch by Toronto’s Globe & Mail in 2003.

He subsequently became managing partner of Peloton Ventures (formerly known as Ecotech Ventures), investing in startups that are at the forefront of technological advancements in the fields of clean tech, green energy, healthcare, life sciences and IT security.

Baazov holds an MBA from McGill University, a Master’s Degree from HEC Montreal (summa cum laude).

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